CEO Message – July 2019

As the Financial Year 2019 draws to a close, I take this opportunity to update the network on Workplace Giving Australia’s (WGA) achievements over the past six months and share the opportunity that continues to exist for workplace giving as the most efficient and effective form of giving for working Australians.

Thank you to those employers and charities who have prioritised workplace giving across their organisations. WGA looks forward to working with you in the coming financial year.

The workplace giving market has achieved sustained growth. The latest ATO data (FY’18) shows that 181,456 Australians made donations from their pay. The number of companies offering workplace giving to their workforce continues to grow and there are now 4,386 companies with payroll giving in place. More than 3.8 million Australians work in organisations that offer this form of giving. However, our challenge remains to help these employers attract more of their staff to their giving program. When we appreciate the size of the market, our goal of one million workplace giving donors is definitely achievable.

We know that well over $320 million of new funding has been donated to charities since WGA led the introduction of the new era of workplace giving in 2002. Combined with donation matching, this translates to more than $500 million in much needed funding for the charitable sector. Pleasingly, the average donation amount over that time has increased to $210 per year. The next milestone of one million working Australians donating through workplace giving will create an additional donation flow in excess of $300 million each year[1].

In addition, WGA’s 1MDonors website is proving to offer all charities and employers, who have an interest in workplace giving, a destination to register their support, track progress, learn and get competitive and ultimately donate more money to charities via this most cost effective and efficient form of giving .

I congratulate all employers who have prioritised workplace giving and in particular, those employers who are now on Quartile 1 of the 1MDonors leaderboard

I thank you for your continued support to drive workplace giving growth across Australia.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Geddes
CEO, Workplace Giving Australia

[1] Calculated by applying Workplace Giving Australia modelling to FY2018 ATO data where, on average, each of Australia’s 181,456 workplace-giving donors gave $210 through pre-tax salary donations plus employer donation matching.