AskU iAward winner – recognised for its innovative technology

Since its launch in September 2013, ACF has been delighted to partner with PwC on AskU. Australians are now generously giving to charity by donating minutes rather than money, through this new innovative market research app.

In its first year, AskU partnered with Opportunity International Australia, The Smith Family, Mission Australia and Redkite. These four organisations invested considerable time and skill to build AskU into a concept that will benefit a wider group of organisations. AskU was delighted to make donations to each of these partners.

Over the year, AskU has achieved massive milestones and has just achieved three million questions answered from public market research panel. The connection to charity has seen it achieve a massive 98% completion rate to public surveys.


The simplicity of the app is underpinned by incredibly complex technology. AskU was recognised for its innovative technology, business model and commitment to social impact and received the NSW iAward. The iAwards honour the best and most innovative solutions in each State or Territory. The Community award is a difficult category to successfully nominate and win – largely because innovation, technology and social impact are challenging to connect. AskU’s “shared value” model which connects the “3 Cs” – consumers, companies and charities – is proving to be a winning formula.


As a result of the incredible generosity of PwC, AskU survey capabilities are available to the not-for-profit sector for free. As a result, numerous not-for-profit organisations have conducted research, reporting that they have been very pleased with the results and the added professionalism it is bringing to their work.




Visit AskU to find out further details on this new innovative market research app.